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Flexi Packaging Systems for Bulk Vacuum Packaging of cashew kernels has really revolutionized the Export packaging of cashew kernels from India & abroad. It has replaced the more expensive and crude method of packaging with economical environment friendly packaging, which offers extended shelf stability to cashew kernels. Now more than 90 % of the cashew exports from India is in flexi bags ( 25 lbs. & 50 lbs.).

Vacuum Packaging Machine

SEVANA has introduced advanced microprocessor based felxi vacuum packaging system for Cashew Industry.


  • Sensor based machine for accurate control of vacuum and gas flushing
  • Facility to flush up to 2 gases
  • Ensures consistent percentage of CO2 and N2 for all the packets irrespective of pressure variations in gas cylinders
  • Superior quality oil mist free vacuum pump of capacity 100 M3 /Hr.


Model: SEPACK 650 VV - 100
Sealing: 650 mm X 5mm 
Vacuum Pump : 100 M3 /Hr. 3 HP
Cycle time: 25 ~ 30

New Generation Vacuum Pump

Type - Rotary vane type 
Direct driven
Oil mist free 
Forced oil lubricated 
Low noise levels 
Speed - 100 M3 /Hr. 
Low starting torque-Ideal for intermittent operation 
No voltage fluctuation during starting
Uses only 3 liters of oil

Hopper, Vibratory Sieve and Hair Remover

Sevana has introduced an innovative electro-magnetic vibratory feeder with sieve for feeding the cashew uniformly to the hair remover. The magnetic feeder is equipped with feature to vary frequency and amplitude of vibration to control the flow. The hair remover separates light particles and hairs trapped along with the cashew kernels.

Technical Specification

Voltage : 240 Volts 1 Phase
Power : 500 watts
Hair Remover
Voltage : 415 Volts 3Phase
Power : 1.2 KW

Vibratory Setting Platform

Vibratory settling platform is used for settling the cashew before vacuum packaging. This process reduces volume and increases the load ability in export containers.

Technical Specification

Voltage - 415 Volts
Power - 3 Phase 375 Watts

Stainless Steel Formers & Sleeve

Sevana offers you durable stainless steel formers and sleeve with pouch aligning system which eliminates wrinkles during sealing, hence reduces the chance of vacuum leakage.

Vibro Screens

Sevana offers 2 Deck and 3 Deck Vibro - screens for removing broken cashews and small particles in Cashew Kernel.

Inspection Conveyor with Magnetic Seperator

This is white conveyor with variable speed drive for the final manual inspection before packing.

Bucket Elevator

This a slanting bucket conveyor to lift cashew from bottom level to the hopper without human intervention.

Automatic Weighing System

SEVANA is offering automatic gravimetric weighing system to dispense the required quantity of Cashew kernels reducing manual labour and human error.


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