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Vacuum Packaging is considered to be the best way of increasing product shelf stability naturally throughout the globe and is gaining prominence in India as well in recent years. Considering tea packaging, the following are some of the advantages of tea packaging.

  • The Aroma and Freshness is retained
  • Moisture content will not change in vacuum packing
  • Fungal growth is prevented
  • Since the packet is a definite briquette shape almost 10% more material can be loaded in export containers
  • Pilferage is avoided

Machine Features

  • Microprocessor based machine, with preset programmer, which precisely controls the levels of Vacuum and Gases
  • Facility to flush up to two Gases namely Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen at pre-settable levels
  • The speed of the system is higher than the conventional Vacuum Packaging System. Cycle time for one Packet is 40 to 45 seconds
  • Side Guards for the Conveyors and the Vibrator
  • Machine comes with an Oil mist-free, Low Noise, Rotary Vane, Double Stage, Directly Coupled, Vacuum Pump with a capacity of 150 Cubic Meter Hour 
  • Pneumatically controlled Sealing Jaws 
  • Vertical configuration ideally suited for Bulk Packaging
  • Easily slidable door
  • Sensors provided for precise control of Vacuum and Gas level
  • Robust construction

In bulk vacuum packaging, vacuum pouches needed to be formed to give a definite briquette shape after vacuum packaging. This is an important accessory, brings convenience and speed in pouch forming. Pouches are formed in the former. Movement of inner sleeve has been motorized and the same has been controlled using pedal switch.


  • Single men operated
  • Motorized inner sleeve movement
  • Easy to handle

Cleat Elevator

It is an ideal material handling equipment for lifting the tea from a lower plane to a dispensing or bulking hopper for further processing.


  • Non Scooping type
  • Avoid rubbing the tea surface
  • No spill over
  • prevent breakage of tea leaves.
  • Feeding to the cleats will be through a vibratory feeder.

Net Weighing & Dispensing System with bulking

Tea from the cleat conveyor will be stored in this bin. During dispensing, tea gets bulked with the gravitation force. Bulked tea gets automatically weighed and dispenses the preset quantity to the formed pouch kept underneath the dispenser. The system consists of a surge hopper, weighing hopper, dispensing funnel/bag clamping device, and a control unit. We offer 0.5% accuracy. Same system can also be used for packing tea in jute/sandwich bags. Operator has to manually place the bag on the clamping device and activate the pedal switch. The bag gets clamped and preset quantity of weighed tea will be dispensed into the bag. While filling, bag will be vibrating for the proper settling of tea.


  • Gravitational bulking
  • Accuracy 0.5%


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