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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Paneer Vacuum Packing - Paneer Packaging

Published in Cheese & Paneers

The use of vacuum packaging significantly increases the shelf life of paneer. The type of packaging material also plays an important role in improvement of shelf life.  

Vacuum packaging in a laminated or co-extruded film helps in enhancing the shelf life of paneer to a great extent. (Ref: Sachdeva S, Singh S. Shelf life of paneer as affected by antimicrobial agents. Part I. Effect on sensory characteristics. Indian J Dairy Sci. 1990;43(1):60–63.)

Paneer packed in a high barrier film with vacuum and heat treated at 90 °C for one min reported to have a shelf life of up to 90 days under refrigeration. (Ref: Punjrath JS, Kumar R, Bandyopadhyay P (1997) Tapping the potential of traditional dairy foods. In: Souvenir, 28th Dairy Industry Conference, Bangalore, April 27–29)


  •  Increased Shelf Life - Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can improve  product shelf life from 50%-400%. Shelf-life of vacuum packaged Paneer shown a big improvement. It is a chosen form of packaging for paneer and cheese storage around the world.
  • Reduced Product Loss – Vacuum barrier packaging material protects paneer from loss of moisture.
  • No Chemical Preservatives Required for storage of paneer with Vacuum packaging. Vacuum Packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. 
      Patent Pending

Added Technologies for Paneer Vacuum Packaging

A liquid at low pressure has a lower boiling point. So wet and liquid products rapidly reach their boiling point during the vacuum packaging cycle. Reduced pressure in the vacuum chamber causes fluids to boil at room temperature. 

The "Vaposense" technology by Sevana detects the evaporation of the liquid product. The machine then stops the vacuuming process and proceeds automatically to the next set process.


Vacuum Packaging Machines for Paneer Packaging

Technical Data QS600VTWIN QS600VTWINB QS500VSV4
Chamber dimensions (L1xW1xH1) (mm)      720x525x140 720x525x140 520x460x100
Seal length L2 (mm) 600 600 500
Seal to seal distance (W2) (mm) 430 430 350
Seal width (mm) 10 10 10
Max pack size (LxW) (mm) 600x400 600x400 500x350
Number of sealing jaws 4 4 2
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1470x815x1225       1470x815x1225 700x670x980
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 240/50/1Phase 415/50/3Phase 240/50/1Phase
Power (W) 2500 2500 2500
Pump capacity (m3/h) 40 (20x2) 63 20
Weight (kg) 235 250 97


Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Published in Gasmixers

Mixer for upto three gases, specially designed for modified atmosphere packaging in the food industry and for applications where the mixed gas flow fluctuates.

Easy Usage:

· pre-set the proportion of gas mixture with percentage scale.

Constant Quality:

· independent of pressure fluctuations

· independent of packing speed

· independent of size of packaging

Save Gases:

· option to use atmospheric air to save gases.

All in One:

· built-in storage tank for faster application

· built-in vacuum pump


· high accuracy levels (>99%)

Pre-set Programs:

Save upto 50 gas combinations as presets.


Sensor based vaccum: Vacuum Packaging comprises of two control systems: control by time and control by sensor. In sensor based vacuum packaging, a vacuum sensor controls the operation of pump and ensures accurate vacuum percentage set by the user. Under time based vacuum packaging, the pump vacuums the chamber for a pre-set time, leading to uncertain vacuum which may affect the quality.

Advantages of sensor-controlled vacuum packaging:

Accurate vacuum percentage ensures perfect quality of the packed product. Again, there’s no need to set separate time for different quantities as sensor will automatically sense the percentage of vacuum required. Leading to flexible, faster and accurate vacuuming. No need to segregate packs in different batches as timer need not be reset for separate quantities. Then, there’s excellent control of liquid packaging. The sensor detects the boiling of the product and prevents it. Thus the packaged product retains the moisture and quality.


Download User Manual

Model QS600VSGTWINB (With Gas Flushing)

Download User Manual  


Technical Data QS600VTWIN QS600VTWINB
Chamber dimensions (L1xW1xH1) (mm)      720x525x140 720x525x140
Seal length L2 (mm) 600 600
Seal to seal distance (W2) (mm) 430 430
Seal width (mm) 10 10
Max pack size (LxW) (mm) 600x400 600x400
Number of sealing jaws 4 4
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1470x815x1225       1470x815x1225
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 240/50/1Phase 415/50/3Phase
Power (W) 2500 2500
Pump capacity (m3/h) 40 (20x2) 63
Weight (kg) 235 250
Pump Sevac Busch


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Automatic L-Sealer

Published in Shrink Wrapping System

Sevana's fully automatic L-sealers are high speed L-sealing solutions for wrapping using polyolefin film. The fully automatic L-sealers can be used in combination with Sevana's shrink tunnels.

Sevana's fully automatic L-sealers are ideal for high speed, providing excellent performance and value for money.

The complete system consists of a fully automatic L-sealing machine and a separate heat shrink tunnel.

Speed of the system is up to 25 packs per minute. The machine is fully automatic and an operator is only required for loading packets, monitoring and film changing .

Sevana's fully automatic L-sealers use centre folded polyolefin(POF) film. In this machine a conveyor feeds the product into the film. The machine measures the length of the product using sensor and the sealing jaws operate automatically to perform sealing.

After the bag is sealed, it is automatically conveyed into a heat shrink tunnel where film shrinking takes place and the skin tight wrap is produced. The film which is trimmed off during the packaging process is automatically wound up on a waste film take-up reel.

 Sevana's fully automatic L-sealers have microprocessor based user interface and has a PLC based back-end. Sevana's machines have added features of preset programs, error display, total count, day count, count of damaged packs etc.

  • Fully automatic
  • L-sealing
  • Microprocessor based interface
  • PLC back-end
  • Preset programs
  • Digital display
  • Pre-settable product counters
  • Error display
  • Waste film take-up
  • Friction conveyor
Technical Data QS5545LA QS5545LAB
 Machine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1870x870x1380 1870x870x1380
 Conveyor belt top height (mm) 800+50 800+50
 Maximum seal dimensions (LxW) (mm)  550 x 450  550 x 450
 Conveyor speed (m/min) In feed/out feed 21.3/17.6 21.3/17.6
 Film feed speed (m/min)  17.6  17.6
 Film towing out speed (m/min)  19.4  19.4
 Conveyor Bridging  No Yes
 Sealing temperature(°C)  50-200  50-200
 Voltage/ Frequency (V/Hz)  240/50  240/50
 Power(W)  1200  1200
(1) In feed conveyor motor(W) 60 60
(2) Out feed Conveyor motor (W) 60 60
(3) Film providing motor (W) 25(with brake) 25(with brake)
(4) Film clamping motor (W) 40(with brake) 40(with brake)
(5) Film reclaiming motor (W) 15 15
(6) Lengthwise sealing heater (W) 550 550
(7) Breadth wise sealing heater (W) 450 450
Air supply (kg/cm ) 6-8 8-10
Sealing time (s) 0-2 0-2
Suitable film POF POF
Net weight (kg) 445 455
Gross weight (kg) 545 555


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