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Sevana follows a policy of complete transparency and ethical business practices for the benefit of all stakeholders. We ensure that our business process achieves its strategic objectives with full transparency and tangible benefits for all. Including our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. We foster a culture of innovation and creativity in all we do. Our core brand equity is to provide the best products of excellent quality at cost effective rates which are honest and transparent. We ensure that the consumer knows exactly what he will get from us. There’s no ambiguity about this on any count. Every sale is followed by the best after sales service as a value addition providing an exceptional consumer experience. Our drive to innovate constantly also provides advanced on-job learning which enriches our employees with viable and technologically superior skill sets. Improving employability and work-life balance.

As a corporate citizen Sevana is committed to the cause of environment and ensures that all our products, production facilities, practices and processes follow every norm set for the same and go beyond them.  Sevana also believes in being a responsible social citizen. Undertaking the cost of dialysis of the needy among the people of Kizhakkambalam, Kerala, India where the company is headquartered is an example of our commitment to social responsibility as a corporate citizen.