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Complaint rate of our machines is less than 1% or just 0.6% to be precise which is almost nil. However, in case of rare malfunction Sevana, has a service roll-out response of 24 hours in place, the fastest and the best in the industry. This is possible because of a network of 57 service centers across the country manned by experienced, trained service personnel and an excellent spares management system. 

 As soon as a customer’s complaint comes in, the service traffic controller alerts the nearest service centre spread across India. The process of zero delay response starts rolling immediately. 

 For this we have a set of guidelines to be followed by service personnel:

Know  and analyze the complaint as thoroughly as you can before you start.

Be prepared with the solution before you reach the customer’s premises if possible.

Avoid product and service pairings: Treat each service call as individual because companies with multiple products club service calls according to ease of travel and need of spares etc.

 If the location is distant or not easily accessible chalk-out a clear travel plan beforehand.

Carry the required spares if physically possible or arrange fastest transportation of the same.