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Message from the Chairman
Message from the Managing Director


Thinking beyond what we are: Manufacture and supply vacuum packaging machines, shrink tunnels and other ‘simple to sophisticated’ packing machines?  Is that all we do? Well, we see ourselves as custodians of the quality of packaging of each pack of product packed using our machines. This has led to many landmarks as our journey to innovation continues. It’s an unending voyage because change is the only constant in this world.

Packaging Machines of European standards: Sevana  is perhaps the only Indian manufacturer of vacuum packing machines and shrink tunnels with features which can be found in top of the line European products in the same range.

Innovation as DNA: At Sevana, innovation is a day to day happening with the end user in mind. This is due to ability to challenge the obvious and break rules to create innovations which benefit the end user of vacuum packing. This has led to microprocessor controlled vacuum packaging machines with which are a fusion of the ‘state-of-art’ innovations providing excellence in packaging.

Innovation as a culture: We have a well defined process of incorporating innovations which comprises of:

  • Ideation stage: Insight into customer needs for the present and future are constantly gathered and communicated to our R&D  team. Benchmark innovations neded are identified and evaluated. R&D and engineering divisions then take over to ideate a viable ‘next-level and futuristic product design. This includes creation of new parts and systems from scratch.
  • Product development stage: All the options to convert of ideas into products are evaluated for innovative excellence, world class benchmarking, tough quality and user friendliness. The best options are selected for integration with an existing product or creating a new product. 

Vacuum packaging, global standards and appropriate technology: Sevana’s products are a comnbination of global standards and appropriate technology. That’s state-of-art innovations which deliver perfect performance on the shop floors across some of the toughest conditions of a varied climatic & demographic canvass that’s India.

Vacuum packing and digital intelligence: Our digital intelligence and microprocessor based vacuum packing technology  goes beyond excellence of vacuum chamber performance. It stretches across total operation of machines. Including vacuum sensors for perfect vacuum packing to double-sensor sealer with +/- 1° fluctuation for durable sealing.

Vacuum packing and operational efficiency: Features like pre-set programming which eliminates operator errors for efficient and faster production is one example of how packaging machines from Sevana increase overall efficiency of operations.

Vacuum packing of food: Digital intelligence and microprocessor based vacuum packing technology is ideal for vacuum packing of perishable & damage prone goods like foodstuff. In fact, only vacuum packing is recommended for products like seafood which decay fast. 

Our Range: Sevana offers complete packaging solutions which include a varied range of products including:

  • Vacuum packaging machines: From table top to single & double chamber, automatic and bulk vacuum packing lines for tea, cashewnuts etc, There’s a digitally intelligent vacuum packing solution of every need. 
  • Shrink Tunnels: From semi automatic to fully automatic shrink tunnels including table top, heavy duty, L shaped and rotary shrink packing machines, Sevana offers a shrink tunnel for every use.
  • Simple to sophisticated packing machines: A wide range of sealing machines, coding machines, weighers & fillers, secondary packaging machines, consumables and accessories

Durable quality: Sevana’s vacuum packing machines are known for almost nil servicing. They are also rugged enough for heavy use. For example our shrink tunnels can take a load as heavy as 75 kgs.

Service within 24 hours roll-out: Providing best after-sales service. This is a key feature of our customer centric philosophy because however failure proof a machine is, zero-delay servicing keeps the product lines rolling.  

Pan India network: Sevana has a pan-India network of more than 600 dealers and 60 service centers. 

Cost effective products: We provide state-of-art technology and excellence in performance when compared to cheap imports and a competitive pricing when compared to hi-tech imports.


To make our innovations and quality the benchmark for similar range of vacuum packaging machines in particular and all other packing machines in general.

Adopt the latest from across the world in the field of technology. From IoT to digital intelligence and to contribute with our in-house R&D and innovation.

Create an exceptional consumer experience in terms of the best of product performance and after sales service. Use this as the core focus to expand our footprint across the world.


Consider ourselves as the custodian of quality of every pack which is packed using our machines and not just be a manufacturer & supplier of vacuum packaging and other packing machines.

To innovate constantly for the benefit of the end user. Make this a continuous process as change is the only constant which we must be a step ahead of by foreseeing ‘tomorrow’ today.

Provide cost-effective yet technologically superior packing solutions which are within reach of every enterprise from giants to SMEs and micro-units.



Sevana Group, based at Kizhakkambalam,  Kerala, India, is a diversified group of corporates owned and managed by dynamic entrepreneurs. The group has interests in wide and varied areas such as packaging machines, medical disposables, instrumentation & control panels, domestic appliances & tools, agro products, engineering and research with an enviable market share in their respective fields.