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Induction Cap Sealers

 Induction Cap Sealers  are used for hermetically sealing the bottle caps (Non - metal bottles and caps ). This   prevents bottles from leakage, provides tamper evident sealing and preserves the freshness of the product in the bottle. Induction sealers are widely used in Pharmaceutical , Chemical, Lubricant, Cosmetic and Food industries. We offer a diverse range of sealers form manually operated “Portable induction cap sealers “ to high performance production line “Continuous Induction Cap Sealers “.


For hand held “Portable Induction cap Sealers” – SEVANA offers 2 models to suit to different cap sizes and  for  “Continuous Induction Cap Sealers “ ,  we have a 2 models viz. a desktop model and a floor mounted model to match different bottle / cap sizes.




Technical Data

Portable Induction sealer

Continuous Induction sealer


IS 80 P

IS 120 P

IS 50C

IS 130 C

Bottle cap size

20 ~80 mm

40 ~ 120mm

20 ~ 50mm

30 ~ 130 mm

Bottle height



40 ~ 200 mm

40 ~ 300 mm


240 V/ 500 W

240 V / 600 W

1.5 KW /240 V

1.5 KW/240 V


0~60 pc./min


0~10 mtrs./min








7 kgs

7 kgs.

38 Kgs.

72 kgs



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