Sevana Medineeds Pvt. Ltd. Sevana Medineeds Pvt. Ltd
A leading player in Medical disposables manufacturing and marketing since it's inception in 1992. The products with stringent quality standards gained wide acceptance in health care markets around the country and in abroad as well. Read More….
Product Details:
Male External Catheter Latex Examination Gloves Latex Surgical Gloves
Finger Caps Alternating Pressure Surgical Masks and Caps
URI - Cond (Male External Catheter)
  • For the urine management of temporarily/permanently bed ridden male patients.
  • Made of skin friendly natural rubber latex.
  • Adhesive foam strap to keep the condom in position
URI - Cond (Male External Catheter)
Sizes : Large 32 mm, Medium 28 mm, Small 24mm and 18mm .
SURAKSHA (Latex examination gloves)
  • Non sterile latex gloves of export quality.
  • Very popular for use in Hospitals, Dental Clinics and Clinical Laboratories.
Sizes : Large, Medium, Small
SURAKSHA (Latex examination gloves)
SURAKSHA-SURGEONS (Latex surgical gloves)
  • Sterile & non-sterile.
  • Useful in hospitals, dental clinics, packaging of food, drugs and pharmaceuticals
Sizes : 6, 6½, 7, 7½, 8, etc
SURAKSHA-SURGEONS (Latex surgical gloves)
Fing-Cap (Finger Cap)
  • Useful for examination of piles and other general purpose.
  • Finger protection while assembling of tiny electronic and electro mechanical components
Fing-Cap (Finger Cap)
MEDI-MAT (Alternating pressure type air mattresses)
  • For preventing bed sore.
  • Silent operation and very low power consumption
  • Easy reparability and availability of spare parts.
  • Warranty for one year.
  • Extremely useful in hospitals and homes to take care of bed ridden patients.
  • Automatic pressure changing system.
  • Natural rubber tubes.
MEDI-MAT (Alternating pressure type air mattresses)
Surgical Masks and Caps
  • Mask & Caps used in Surgery
  • Useful in operation theatres and other sterile areas in hospitals.Can be used by Dentists also
  • Made from Non toxic fabric. Provided with double layer for better protection
  • Can be used in food processing & packing areas.
  • Mask available in two models - Tying Band-Elastic/Fabric.
  • Made of non-toxic, Synthetic fabric
  • International Standards